Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Just Trying To Leave Something Behind

I worked from the beach on Friday, as I tend to do in the summer months.  I find that I am less likely to kill those around me in the office if I spend Friday somewhere other than at the Firm.  It shall help my newly-minted secretary (new to me but not to the Firm) markedly if and when she realizes that "WFB" Friday is not a euphemism but rather a mechanism by which I try to alleviate some of her work-related pressure by not being in the office and allowing her, in theory, to get a bit closer to being caught up with the work I have generated from Monday through Thursday.  So far, so not very good.  It is something that she shall either figure out or ours shall be a very short-lived arrangement.  

Friday began for me as every "WFB" Friday begins, with a run.  I headed south through Spring Lake on 3rd Avenue and then came back north to the 17th Avenue Beach in Belmar on the water.  Low tide at sunrise is an absolute treat - unless you are a mussel I suppose.  It does not appear to be very much fun at all for those poor bastards. 

Friday ended for me in an atypical fashion.  The Missus did not migrate south until Saturday afternoon so Friday night it was just Rosalita and me.  I watched the Yankees defeat the Rays in a game that played from first pitch to last in roughly two and one half hours and then, through the magic of the "Free Preview Weekend", I browsed through however many HBO channels Verizon FIOS offers its subscribers.  I ended up watching The Accountant with Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, John Lithgow, Jean Smart, and J.K. Simmons (they were not the only five actors in the film but were the only ones whose names I know).  I know that Affleck is a Hollywood star upon whom people love to heap derision but since last I checked he has never done a bad thing to me or to anyone I know and about whom I care, I have always been at a bit of a loss to understand the enmity.  I happened to like Argo and The Town, both of which he appeared in and directed.  While there was never a minute I spent watching The Accountant that made me think I was witnessing cinematic history being made, it was entertaining.  Moreover, its closing credits featured a song I had never before heard sung by a man whose name I had never heard, which simply blew me away.  

I got this feeling that I'm still at the shore
And pockets don't know what it means to be poor
I can get through the wall if you give me a door
So I can leave something behind...

...a sentiment that I easily understand and wholeheartedly embrace.


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