Friday, August 4, 2017

Irretrievable Lives and Unredeemable Sins

We honor our parents by not accepting as the final equation
the most troubling characteristics of our relationship.  I decided
between my father and me that the sum of our troubles 
would not be the summation of our lives together.  
In analysis you work to turn the ghosts that haunt you 
into ancestors who accompany you.
That takes hard work and a lot of love, 
but it's the way we lessen the burdens our children have to carry.  
Insisting on our own experience, our own calculus of love, 
trouble, hard times, and, if we're lucky, a little transcendence.  
This is how we claim our own lives as sons and daughters, 
independent souls on our piece of ground.  
It's not always an option. 
There are irretrievable lives and unredeemable sins, 
but the chance to rise above is one I wish for you and yours. 
-Bruce Springsteen

It occurred to me, Wednesday night, while I was looking through some more Springsteen discs that in forty years of listening to his music, I learned more about him from reading his autobiography than I have from the combined power of all of his three-minute records.  When I read it, there were a number of passages that I marked with a Post-it for future reference.  Including the one at the top of this piece.  

"Irretrievable lives".  "Unredeemable sins".  And yet, even after all of that, a chance at the rising.  If you are to be granted just one wish, it is one hell of a one to receive.


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