Friday, August 11, 2017

In the Beginning...

On my drive to the office this morning, I will pass the time by tossing about in mind the answer to this question:  Who is unhappier that this summer Friday finds me in the office and not working from the beach, me or everyone else?  A real likelihood exists that it is a flat-footed tie. 

The only thing that shall keep today from descending into "F*ck 'Em All" Friday is the bit of business on tap that kept me north of the Raritan River last night.  The Missus and I shall be among the guests this evening when Sara Lipman marries Joseph Fusco.  Sara is the younger sister of Rob's beloved, Jess.  Two exceptionally nice young people are, today, formally beginning their life together. While I love the smell of salt air and the feel of sand between my toes, this is one fine way to spend a Friday evening. 

She chose him.  He chose her. 

May each celebrate the choice from this day forward...


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