Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I Wanted To Be With You Alone...

...and talk about the weather.

I suggest that we begin our discussion here.  When we have more time to chat, and we shall need it since the work itself is more than five hundred pages long, we can continue it here.  Being an admitted non-expert (in most things, including this) I have focused my initial efforts on reading and comprehending the "Executive Summary".  Admittedly, the former is going much more smoothly than the latter thus far.  

It is not suggested here - or in the source material itself for that matter - that this shall be a fun read. This is no light lift.  It is, however, important.  Therefore, even though we have no resource scarcer than time, allocating enough of it to this task is the very essence of "time well-spent".

As is, I would argue, this as well...


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