Wednesday, August 2, 2017


I have been engaging in a rather fun project lately.  I have been listening to a number of the several hundred "Audience Created Recordings" of Springsteen shows that I have acquired over the years for the purpose of culling the herd to find ones to bestow upon a young man, Kieran, who is friends with my niece, Simone.  He is developing an appreciation for Springsteen and I had volunteered to my sister, Jill, to help him along. 

Young Kieran is indeed a fortunate man in that he will be in New Jersey this weekend - hanging out with Simone - and will likely have the benefit of learning about Springsteen from the man who taught me about him.  Bill and the Connecticut branch of the family business are coming to the Shore this weekend for a visit. I hope very much to be able to introduce my Springsteen teacher to my Springsteen pupil.  I am looking forward to it in fact. 

A proverbial meeting 'neath a giant Exxon sign if you will...


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