Friday, July 7, 2017

The Pursuit

If it is not an absolute, then it is pretty damn close to it.  The week leading up to one's vacation lasts significantly longer than the week one spends on vacation.  It is Friday already.  How time flies when you are having fun, I reckon.  

Today, in an effort to slow down Time's advance, I shall spend my afternoon in court.  You read that correctly.  Happiness is a summer Friday - ON VACATION - spent...working.  Moms everywhere, encourage your sons to be cowboys.  When your son brings home the "LSAT PREP" book, hit him hard around the face and neck until some sense is literally smacked into him.  

I am kidding of course (well, kind of/sort of).  Not about Your Truly making a court appearance this afternoon, which is actually no big deal because the mortgage at our little Paradise by the Sea shall not pay itself, but about discouraging your son or daughter from pursuing whatever dream is theirs to pursue.  


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