Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Monster Stomper

One of my world's great mysteries (well, it is not that great a mystery since she started from a much better place than I did) is how my long-time friend, Rita Reyes-Williamson (we have been friends for so long I knew her when her first name had many more letters), celebrating her Aloha! birthday today, is less than six months younger than I am but appears to be at least a decade and a half my junior.  Hopefully, it is a reflection of a life well-lived - not to mention one that has not yet even reached its halfway point - and one that she celebrates well today.  

It is almost mind-boggling to me that this time next week it shall be August.  Already.  We are now less than three weeks away from "Mom Fest" (or as I wish I had thought to call it - "Mommapaloozza!") at Taylor Pavilion in Belmar.  The particulars for the afternoon/evening's events are right here and ready available for you to peruse

This past weekend did not produce the best effort that I have put forth to date training for this fall's marathon double dip.  The elements did not help very much, given air that was thick enough to chew and early-morning high tides that ratcheted up the degree of difficulty associated with running on the beach.  Neither is an excuse however.  As Yoda said (at least according to The Big Bang Theory) in whichever Star Wars movie he appears, "Do or do not. There is no try." The fact that Yoda was a puppet with a man's hand jammed up his ass detracts not at all from the wisdom of his words.  When Marathon Sunday arrives, first in Washington, DC on October 22nd and, then, two weeks later in New York City on November 5, "try" will not be worth the breath expelled to utter the word aloud. 

Sunday's effort - on the boards and not on the sand - was far better.  Upon our arrival home from the beach, I found my NYC Marathon kit that the great people at Stomp The Monster provide to all of their team's members waiting for me...

...Rosalita decided that she is keeping the hat.

the Monster Stomper

As if I can tell her no.  She is my best friend, after all. 


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