Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Franchise Cometh

I hope one and all had a safe and happy Independence Day holiday.  I have so embraced the notion of "the holiday" that I have turned the long weekend into a week's vacation.  Slight "interruption" this morning as I shall trek north to the office to tend to some business before swinging past the Middlesex estate (sorry, just trying to keep up with the Trumps) to pick up Joe-Joe for his annual sojourn onto the sand and returning to my little paradise by the sea. 

As our Governor (thank you, America, again for throwing him back. Why did you?  He clearly exceeds the minimum size requirement) was luxuriating at Island Beach State Park in the middle of a State shutdown, effectively f*cking his Lieutenant Governor, Kim Guadagno, in her quest to succeed him, the Missus and I were welcoming the new parents and "the Franchise" on the latter's maiden visit to our little Paradise by the Sea.  It thrilled me to no end that in addition to spending quality time with Nana and Pop Pop, Maggie had the chance to meet two of her great aunts, Stel and Wilma, who popped over for visits.  It shall sadden me for the foreseeable future that Maggie and Mom never made one another's acquaintance in person. Stel, however, did yeoman's work in making sure that during the final week of Mom's life she was inundated with photographs of Maggie on a daily basis.  I received them from Suzanne and/or Margaret and sent them to Wilma and to Stel, which Stel shared with Mom.  She reported that looking at her newest great grandchild never failed to make my Mom smile.  It is a memory I shall forever cherish. 

As is this one...

Pop Pop and Maggie - July 3, 2017 

This little girl warms the charcoal briquette in my chest that masquerades as a heart in a manner heretofore unknown to me.  She is extraordinary.  She is the future.  She is, indeed, the Franchise.  


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