Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Current Situation of Desmond and Molly Jones

We have arrived, for all intents and purposes, at July's midway.  Already.  Summer, the season, is less than thirty days old.  Summer, the feeling, is already moseying towards the exit.  It will be August in an eye blink, then September, then the autumn and - well, you get the idea.  Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, right? 

Summer, thus far, has gone where time always goes - whizzing by me at one hundred-plus miles per hour.  As I get older, my speed has decreased (from a crawl to "barely moving at all") but time's has continued, unrelenting and unabated.  Maggie, the little human whose existence makes my heart the happiest is already more than two months old. Mom, the not-so-little human whose death broke that very same heart, is already gone a month and a half.  

If Life is in fact a highway, it seems to me that a significant amount of one's energy is necessarily devoted to not being reduced to a road apple.  I know not how one knows how successful one has been in that particular endeavor.  

I suspect most of us never know for certain.  Present company included. 


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