Friday, July 21, 2017

Something Old Or Perhaps Something New... all depends upon your point of view and for how many days you have been spending (immodesty prevents me from writing "wasting") a portion of your day here.  For reasons that are equal parts unmemorable and unimportant, a few of us in the office had a brief, three-way conversation about music (in general) and several songs (in particular).  The one highlighted in the piece that first appeared here three years ago on this very date, Eric Church's Springsteen, was one of the songs that came up in that conversation.  If you are so inclined, give it a listen.  It is not a July Saturday night but...

MONDAY, JULY 21, 2014

The Beat of the Summer

The Missus and I spent quite an enjoyable Saturday afternoon and evening at the beach.  Our pilgrimage began in Bradley Beach.  Our search for a place to allow this old man to live by the sea took us there.  We extended no offers but we did see a couple of homes that intrigued us - including one for which the term "move-in condition" appears to have been invented.  

After scoping out prospective resting places for Yours truly, we spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the hospitality of one of Margaret's customers.  Joe and his wife Ricki own a condo that is right across Ocean Avenue from - well, as its name might have hinted at - the Atlantic Ocean.  Quite a peaceful way to spend a summer's Saturday afternoon.  

Then, later on, we made the great migration south on Route 71 to 'Squan.  Saturday night was the Annual Edition of "The Kennys Being Bennies"that Margaret and I enjoy so much.  One night every summer for as long as I can remember we go to Point Pleasant Beach for the sole purpose of spending a couple of hours on Jenkinson's Boardwalk - soaking up the uniquely Jersey experience that is a Shore Boardwalk on a Saturday night.  Several years ago - most likely against their better judgment in a manner akin to which it has always been against my wife's - the Sisters Kizis began accompanying us.  Then once Jeff joined the travelling party he seemed to sense that I needed a wing man in my campaign to make us all continue to engage in this silliness annually and he has embraced the role with gusto.

So, off we went again on Saturday night, over to the parking lot behind the Kohr's stand ($20.00 to park your chariot) and then up into the maelstrom.  We ate cheese steaks and French fries at Little Mac's (save for Lynne who dined on a veggie burger).  We played Whack-A-Mole where once again this year my wife emerged victorious.  We played twice.  She won twice.  She was awarded a stuffed Dalmatian that she dutifully toted around with her until she found a little boy she deemed worthy of her trophy at which point - with the blessing of his Mom and Dad - she gave it to him.  

It took some detective work but we were able to locate Frog Bog.  For years, a Frog Bog game has been located next to Joey Tomato's Pizza and across the way from the entrance into Jenkinson's Bar.  However, it is there no longer.  When it appeared as if Frog Bog may have been vanquished from the Boardwalk entirely I was one unhappy human being.  Courtesy of the nice young lady working the imitation game "Lobster Flop" we learned that a Frog Bog is now up and running at the Boardwalk's south end - adjacent to the rides.  We all played.  We all lost.  Such is the way of the Bog. 

Once we tasted defeat (channeled our inner fly if you will) at Frog Bog we did battle on the Bumper Cars and then jammed ourselves into one car on the Tilt-A-Whirl in the hopes of generating maximum whirling action.  In that regard we were only partially successful but it mattered not.  We laughed and laughed.  As did the people standing around the ride who watched four adults cram themselves into - and then pry themselves out of - a car that fits three adults uncomfortably.  Lynne who soldiered on in spite of still recovering from a broken ankle recently sustained at one of Atlantic City's soon-to-be former casinos, wisely sat out the Bumper Cars and the Tilt-A-Whirl.  

Finally, as we always do, we ended our sojourn into the American experience at Kohr's.  There is no ice cream that is quite as delicious as Kohr's boardwalk stand ice cream on a summer Saturday night.  Our evening's romp completed and with Aurora rising behind us we trekked back to Lynne's in 'Squan, feeling a little queasy due to the combination of greasy food and stomach-flipping rides but feeling more than a little happy at having yet again enjoyed one another's company in a place we love to visit. 

Like a soundtrack to a July Saturday night...


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