Monday, July 31, 2017

Present Tense

Today is the birthday of my great friend, Gracie.  What feels like a lifetime ago now we were partners in crime at the Firm, which partnership ended when she left for a place where the pasture grass grew greener. For an eye blink eight years ago, I did likewise and we celebrated a reunion, which proved to be very short-lived.  As it turned out, what under her feet was greener grass was, under mine, merely painted concrete.  In spite of that failure (mine - not hers) we have remained great friends.  

I often think that had the delivery of her jumbo-size-headed sixth baby and the subsequent asshole he proved to be not sworn Mom off of ever having a seventh child, Gracie could have been my younger sister.  Absence of common DNA notwithstanding, in the almost twenty years I have known her that is the prism through which I have always viewed her.  I know not specifically how she, Joe, and Helen (her mom) shall celebrate her annual journey around the sun but however the occasion is marked, I hope it is feted.  It certainly should be...

...and maybe to honor her, her beloved Baltimore Orioles will win their game tonight.  Given that they are playing the Kansas City Royals, who are firmly ensconced in the game of postseason Musical Chairs (along with the Red Sox, the Rays, the Mariners, the Indians, and, of course, the Yankees) that is presently all the rage in the American League, should they do so they will be giving a great gift not only to her but to her favorite Yankees fan too.  That, after all, is the very best kind of present.


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