Sunday, July 23, 2017

Musings, Humorous and Otherwise...

Interesting piece in Friday's New York Times drawing a parallel between the recently-disclosed brain cancer afflicting Senator John McCain and the brain cancer that ultimately killed Senator Edward Kennedy.  To me the single-most bracing part of the piece was the fact that the same particular type of cancer attacked both men and that it killed Senator Kennedy within fifteen months of his having been diagnosed with it.  

I know not what Senator McCain's prognosis is - and I appreciate the fact that every person's battle with cancer is indeed personal to that individual - but I wish him well.  I do not doubt for a moment the amount of fire in his belly - one does not endure everything John McCain has in eighty years of life without not be afraid to tussle.  May it serve him well here. 

Equally fascinating, but for very different reasons, was this piece in Friday's Times about some people who were adamantly opposed to the ACA (a/k/a "Obamacare") until they considered the effect that its repeal will have on them.  There is a reason that the adage "the Devil you know is better than the Devil you don't know" has risen to...well, to adage status irrespective of one's political ideology or party affiliation.  

While John McCain is fighting off brain cancer, his old Senate colleague from Alabama, Jeff Sessions, is dealing with issues of his own.  His however appear to be centered far south of his brain.  Best as I can tell, his appears to be an asshole problem

But then again, as was the case with the young, talented Bud Fox, it appears to be a problem of his own creation.  Perhaps he too should have heeded Carl Fox's advice...

...Bud did not and it did not end particularly well for him - and not merely because he endured being a part of the awful sequel that Oliver Stone foisted upon us


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