Wednesday, July 19, 2017

An Old Man and The Sea

This fall, I am bidding farewell to the happy insanity that is (for me, anyway) running in marathons, by participating in the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday, October 22, and, then, two Sundays later, the New York City Marathon.  In the latter, I am running not simply for myself but for the good people of Stomp the Monster.  

I have a training schedule taped to a wall in my office and, truth be told, while I have enjoyed a lot of running days thus far this summer, I have not paid particular attention to the training schedule. Instead, I have taken to the beach and headed down by the waterline in an effort to better develop my legs and my heart.  So far, so good.  As my great, great grandpa Phineas never tired of saying, "Jersey sand is tough.  Be tougher."  

Early on Sunday morning, at or about sunrise (which I might have missed because I was tending to my faithful canine companions, Rosie and Leo), I headed up to the boardwalk, intending to walk the width of the 17th Avenue Beach down to the waterline before heading south.  I fully expected that my journey south would end before I reached the beach in Manasquan, which expectation was fueled by my mistaken belief that water separated Sea Girt from Manasquan.  Five-plus miles south, as I stood on the jetty of the Manasquan side of the Manasquan Inlet and looked across the inlet to the Point Pleasant Beach side, I was ecstatic to have learned the error of my ways.  

On a Sunday worthy of the name, under blue skies that reinforce my belief that weather indeed has no memory, I covered ten-plus miles down by the waterline.  No musical accompaniment needed.  Just the sound of the ocean to keep me company...well, along with the thousands of dead mussels and the gulls feasting upon them at low tide.  

Once upon a lifetime ago, someone (Rod Stewart, I think) crooned that every picture tells a story. Think of this, I guess, as the story of an Old Man and the Sea, as it unfolded bright and early on Sunday morning...

Shortly after sunrise - 17th Avenue Beach (Belmar)

The Journey's Beginning - 17th Avenue Beach

Spring Lake on the journey south

Beach in Manasquan on the journey south

A view east from the jetty on the 'Squan side
Manasquan Inlet

Westward view from the 'Squan side of the jetty
Manasquan Inlet

"Proof of Life" shot on homeward leg 
Sea Girt

From down by the waterline on journey home
Sea Girt

Moving north on the way home
Spring Lake

Almost home...

The Journey's End - 17th Avenue Beach


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