Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A Midsummer Time Out

I watched as much of last night's All-Star Game as I had Monday night's Home Run Derby, which is to say none at all.  I do not begrudge anyone who derives enjoyment from either.  I simply do not.  My single favorite thing about sports, whether watching them or participating in them, is the interest in the outcome. I like that winning matters.  I choose to not watch sports in which the outcome is irrelevant.  Thus, I devote as much time each July to the MLB All-Star Game as I do each March to spring training games or each summer to NFL exhibition games. You get the idea.  

Perhaps the Missus and I need to coordinate our annual "week's respite" at our little Paradise by the Sea with the MLB All-Star Break.  Since television is not something we spend a lot of time doing at the beach, our television package there is relatively inexpensive and worth almost as little as we pay for it.  It is through Verizon FIOS, which based upon the programming options offered, appears to stand for "Freaking Infomercials & Other Schlock".  I have never seen more locally-generated programming in my life. It is as if every little town in Monmouth County has its own public access channel, and at least on the package for which we pay, Verizon broadcasts all of them.  When the time comes to make the permanent migration southeast from 'NTSG to Lake Como, we shall take the necessary steps to rectify the television situation.  

Until then, it matters as much as the outcome of a batting practice competition or an exhibition baseball game, which is to say not very much at all.  And upon further reflection, that is precisely how much weight should be assigned to something so trivial.  


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