Sunday, June 11, 2017

Wave On Wave

Yesterday, after a long drive north from Florida, Kara, Jill, and I arrived at Kara's shortly after 6:00 am. We are Kennys.  We get an early start on the day. Jill and I hugged Kara goodbye and then continued on to Jill's home.  Jill and I unpacked her car.  Margaret met me there.  Jill and I hugged each other goodbye. 

By 11:00 o'clock yesterday morning, Margaret and I were sitting on our beach, in Belmar, watching and listening to the ocean and decompressing.  The beach was Mom's sanctuary. Her place of not simply happiness but of peace.  It is for me as well.  Yesterday, having said goodbye to Mom at her beach Friday morning, I was relieved to have brought her spirit with me to mine.

Where it shall remain for as long as I do.  


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