Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Magic of Mom: Loss and Found

I am an asshole. Were that it was not true. It is. I made peace with that fact years ago. In the course of my day-to-day I casually offend people, often times without even intending to do so. When your Delta Tau Delta name is "Does Not Play Well With Others" the opportunity for disaster presents itself early and often.

I have in this space written previously about my great friend, Alex, with whom I bonded like a brother during our four years together at CU, and the de facto termination of our friendship by him in apparent response to some offense I had visited upon him.  I know not what I did but I presume it was awful because Schneedz cut off all communication. E-mails sent to him were read yet elicited no response, whether extending a Birthday greeting or simply trying to catch up with an old friend.  

Monday afternoon, admittedly in an act of desperation, I sent Schneedz an e-mail to tell him Mom had died.  Alex knew Mom not just from our living together for three years but, also, from our having split time at my house in NJ and his house in New Orleans during Spring Break our freshman year.  I do not know why but I thought it important that my old friend know of Mom's death.  In part, I sent it figuring that when he did not reply to it, I would be forced to resign myself to the fact that whatever I had done to offend my old friend had caused an irreparable chasm in our relationship.

On Tuesday afternoon, at shortly after three o'clock, my phone buzzed. In my In-box was an email from Schneedz.  He expressed his condolences about Mom's death, filled me in on his current situation (leading a group of his students on a climb of Mt. Kenya), and to make a plan to catch up when he returns to the United States later this month. 

Once again, the magic of Mom.  Her wonders never cease. Thus reaffirming my belief that if you knew Mom and were not a fan of hers, then you need to look inward. The fault lies with you. Not her. 

Thanks, Majaloo. Again. Always. 


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