Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sunday to Sunday

I was standing on the boardwalk about fifteen minutes before sunrise on Sunday morning, looking at the surf at the 17th Avenue Beach in Belmar, and having a brief conversation with my friend, Brian, before heading out on my morning run. He surfs and had ridden his bicycle up to the beach to check out the waves.  I know nothing about surfing so I relied upon him to advise me whether the waves were good, bad, or indifferent.  Apparently, they fell into one of the latter two categories.  After looking them over for a few minutes, Brian declared that he was going to go play golf instead.  As I headed north towards Avon, he headed back to his house to get his clubs.  

While making idle conversation, we both made note of the fact that the final week of June is already upon us.  Fourth of July is one week from today.  It seems like yesterday that the Missus and I talked about what we wanted to get completed in terms of household projects at the beach prior to summer's arrival.  I hope like hell we checked off all of the boxes on that list because, in an eye blink, one-third of summer is already in the rear-view mirror.  

Sunday is July's first Sunday.  Four "first Sundays" after it, I shall participate in the New York City Marathon one final time.  I am running this year, as I did last year, for Team Stomp the Monster.  Stomp the Monster is a New Jersey-based not-for-profit that provides financial and emotional assistance to people who are under attack from the Monster that is cancer.  They are great folks doing extraordinary work.  If you are positioned to help me help them, then I thank you for your support, be it financial, emotional, or motivational.  It all helps, I assure you.  

What is also a source of great comfort and great joy to me is that this year my sister, Kara, is running the NYC Marathon as a member of Team Stomp the Monster.  We both signed up well in advance of Mom's death earlier this month.  Stel does not need me to speak for her (ah, the liberating benefits of adulthood) but I know - for me - running in this race on this organization's behalf seems absolutely perfect.  

It is, in fact, exactly as it should be. 


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