Monday, June 19, 2017

Riders in the Field Where Sunlight Streams...

It was on this very day, twenty-four years ago that Margaret and I were married.  All these years later she remains the great miracle of my life.  I hope one day to return the favor in kind.  Truth be told, the odds against that happening are pretty long.  See, those of you out there (and we both know who you are) who claim to know otherwise, I do not always believe my own bullshit.

Nor do I always have a sock lying around on the off-chance I might need one, as evidenced by the photograph below...

The Missus and Me - 06/06/14
Photo Credit: Lucy Byrnes

...but I digress.

For my long-suffering, eternally-patient bride, who signed on for better or for worse almost a quarter century ago and who remains eternally optimistic that the former is just ahead, up over the rise, I offer all that I have to give:  My gratitude and my love.  Both are yours for as long as you shall have them.  And me. 

Happy Anniversary...

...All Aboard! 


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