Friday, June 30, 2017

Of Spaceships & Time Machines...

The Missus and I get our television at home through the good people at DirectTV.  Among the many things I love about DirectTV is its "Audience" channel, which is Channel 239.  For several years, five nights a week at 6:00 eastern time, it aired episodes of NYPD Blue in chronological order and commercial-free.  Dennis Franz has long been one of my favorite actors and his portrayal of Detective Andy Sipowicz, from his falling-down-drunk days in Season One to his man-in-charge days at the end of the series in Season Twelve was nothing short of extraordinary.  I simply have our DirectTV set to record every episode, which it does, and then we watch them at our convenience.  Joe has gotten hooked too.  

Earlier this month, DirectTV added another favorite of mine to its Channel 239 lineup.  Mad Men began airing at 6:00 pm eastern time on June 12.  With its introduction into the lineup, NYPD Blue has now moved up one hour to 5:00 pm.  With the possible exception of the Yankees with Judge and Sanchez, it is an unrivaled one-two punch.  Having binge-watched Mad Men during its final season, I was already a fan, including but not limited to Jon Hamm's extraordinary turn as Don Draper.  I think it took less than a full episode to ensnare Margaret and Joe.  

Wednesday night's episode was "The Wheel", which was the season finale of Mad Men's first season. Towards its end, one of the most remarkable scenes I can remember in any television show  I have ever watched occurs.  It occurs in the meeting that Don Draper and his colleagues from Sterling Cooper are having with Eastman-Kodak regarding the latter's new "wheel" slide projector and the advertising firm's pitch.  I encourage you to watch it in a quiet place with the volume up so that you can appreciate it.  And then to watch it again.

Not a bad thing, I reckon, to travel the way a child travels.  Around and around, and back home a place where we know we are loved.  Wherever your Independence Day plans shall take you, may you experience at least a small sampling of child-like travel.  

Is there anything better for which to wish? 


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