Friday, June 9, 2017

Joan and June

Today is June 9. On this very date, sixty-six years ago Mom and Dad were married. They were ten days shy of their thirtieth wedding anniversary when he died on May 31,1981. Tuesday next, June 13, would have been her eighty-ninth birthday.  Born in June. Married in June. Died in June. That was Mom, a modicum of efficiency. 

In the six days since her death, I have felt her loss more keenly than I have ever felt Dad's, which occurred more than thirty-six years ago. That stems from, no doubt, that I had an incalculably closer relationship with Mom than I ever did with Dad. It also stems from the fact that Mom moved through this world with grace. She never sought to bend everyone's will to suit her purpose. She gave and she took, never unfairly and never more than she needed. It is for that reason that people who knew her not only respected her but admired her and loved her.  

As did I.  


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