Sunday, June 18, 2017

Dad's Bigly Day

If you are a Dad, then Happy Father's Day to you! May you enjoy the (a) tie; (b) coffee mug; (c) grilling accessory; or (d) all of the above with which your family has perhaps plied you on what is, after all, our "Bigly Day"!   

My genius granddaughter, Maggie, arrived in time to ensure that her mom and dad would each break their respective maidens in 2017.  Thus, just as Suzanne celebrated her first Mom's Day last month, today Ryan shall enjoy his first Father's Day.  I hope he enjoys the hell out of it...

...and out of all of the ones that shall follow it.  As he shall soon learn (actually my son-in-law is wicked smart so he likely already knows this), even when your daughter is working you over with one of her "merciless mind games" (his turn of phrase, which makes me chuckle simply to read), your gig is a pretty damn great one.  

Happy Father's Day, Gentlemen!  

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