Thursday, June 29, 2017

As Two Becomes Three, A Look Back At When Two Became One

In little more than a month's time, Margaret's niece, Nicole, and Nicole's husband, Jason, shall join Suzanne and Ryan in the "New Parents Club - Class of 2017".  The stork has scheduled an early August delivery for the Scotts...although that very same bird had scheduled May 22 for Maggie's arrival only to see her arrive sixteen days earlier.  Feel free to take the stork's accuracy in predicting arrival dates with a grain of salt - and perhaps a small helping of Vlasic bread and butter chips.  

But I digress.  Worse yet, now my stomach is grumbling.  Damn hunger pangs.

While I find a cure for what ails me, let us take a not-too-long trip in the WABAC Machine to this very date four short years ago.  It was on this date in 2013 that Nicole and Jason were married.  And it was on this date four years ago that what follows now first appeared in this space...


A Sip of the Forgiveness that Life Provides

Four years ago on this very day - the final Saturday of June - my brother in law Frank's daughter Megan (his oldest child) was married.  Four years and two days later she and her husband have added three members to their tribe.  It has been a happy, productive (and no doubt tiring) four years for that dynamic duo. 
Today - in the very same church where her big sister was wed four Junes ago - Frank's second-oldest child - his daughter Nicole - shall marry.  I have had the pleasure and privilege of knowing Nic almost since Margaret and I started dating twenty-two years ago.  She is a terrific young woman.  And in Jason it certainly appears as if she has met her ideal complement.  A genuinely nice guy.  A good man.
The process begins today for Nicole and Jason.  To this point their story has been of their "lives".  Today that changes.  Their story is now the one of their Life. 
Call me an old softie but I am rooting for a happy ending....
....and I have every confidence that they shall get there. 
And they shall enjoy the ride.

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