Monday, June 26, 2017

Amazing Grace

Jill and I spent a bit of time on Saturday afternoon paying our respects to Alice McMullen and to the entire McMullen family at the memorial they had for the family's patriarch, Robert, who died earlier last week.  Among the family members who spoke to those in attendance was Robert Brandl, named for his grandfather and the oldest of the three children of Macada and Rudy Brandl.  Macada is the youngest McMullen sibling. Her time at W-H overlapped mine -as did Rudy's.  Rudy and Jill graduated together as members of the Class of '83. 

Several minutes after Robert completed his remarks, he took a place on the "stage" (apologies but not being a church-going fellow I do not know what the area is called) and sat at the piano.  He then proceeded to play a Scott Joplin piece, which the pastor identified as being one of Mr. McMullen's favorites, which piece he played magnificently.  His performance was simply stunning.  

Afterwards, as Jill and I joined the other guests and the McMullen family at the repast, we had a chance to meet Robert and to briefly speak with him.  I told him that as impressed as I was by his prodigious talent, what made the indelible impression upon me was his grace.  A fifteen-year-old boy, on the day he buried his beloved grandfather, carried himself in a way that Yours truly, three and one-half times his age, both admired and envied.  

In retrospect, I should not have been surprised.  Apples and trees after all.  Apples and trees. 


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