Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Toast to Big Wishes

Being a parent - even when you are as decidedly unskilled at it as I have proven to be - is  a "24/7/365" job.  Once membership in the club is extended to you, you carry the card with you for the rest of your life.  Among the hardest parts of the gig is acceptance of the fact that, regardless of how much you want to do so, you cannot protect your children from all of the world's bad stuff.  

As they grow up to adulthood, you realize that the older they get, the more attenuated your ability is to do anything meaningful to protect them from all of the aforementioned bad stuff.  Their path in the world shall take them away from the familial home more likely than not and it shall be filled with potholes and pitfalls whose existence is never confirmed but is always presumed from the vantage point of the back door of the home in which you raised them.  With age comes, one hopes, wisdom regarding the ability to distinguish those things one can control from those things that one cannot.  It makes their presence no less scary mind you.  It might in fact make them more scary.  You know they are out there.  You lack the ability to protect your adult offspring from them. 

It is for all of those reasons that it warms one's parental heart when one's adult offspring marries well. Margaret and I are twice-blessed in that regard.  Suzanne and Ryan are exquisitely well-matched. Similarly, there is no better person alive who better complements Rob than Jess.  Each completes the other.   The feeling it brings to my old heart is not joy.  It is peace. 

Today, the extraordinary young woman whose great honor it is to call my daughter-in-law celebrates a birthday.  Whether I shall see the birthday girl today I know not although the Colorado branch of the family tree is spending this week within the geographical boundaries of the State of Concrete Gardens. I have already enjoyed more time with them this week than I have in the past year.  

May she enjoy it, however she spends it...

...and many, many more hereafter. 


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