Saturday, June 17, 2017

A Sad Reminder

Regardless of whether you are having a particularly good week, an especially bad week, or just a week that unfolded in a manner similar to the one that came before it, it is useful to be reminded that you do not hold a monopoly on all of the world's problems. It is also painful for those whose tragedy serves as the basis of your reminder. 

When I returned to the office on Monday, I learned that one of my partners had also just lost his elderly mom, who was (I believe) ninety.  She had battled her share of illnesses and problems, as people of a certain age often do, and on Sunday night, she died. He and his family buried her on Thursday morning.  

Margaret and I spent a portion of last evening at a wake.  One week ago, a cousin on Margaret's mother's side of the family died.  He died, suddenly, at home...and on his birthday.  He was just forty-nine.  As last night's wake confirmed, he is survived by a multitude of family and friends who love him, including his two minor children and his mother, each of whom now faces the unhappy task of living life without him.  As if this tragedy needed another layer, he was an only child.  

Thursday night, in Belmar, a tragedy occurred involving two little girls. They apparently became distressed while in the water off of the 9th Avenue Beach at or about 6:30 pm. There are no lifeguards manning the chairs at that time but rescuers responded and made a Herculean effort to save both of them.  The older of the two little girls, age thirteen, was pronounced dead at Jersey Shore Medical Center on Thursday night. Her twelve-year-old cousin, as of mid-afternoon on Friday, remained on life-support.  Much further south along the shore, in the surf off of the beach in Atlantic City, two teenagers, a boy and a girl, disappeared Thursday night and were presumed to have drowned. 

As you know, and I do also, significantly more tragedy has befallen the world this week than these few examples.

It always shall.  


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