Monday, May 15, 2017

The More Things Change... view of the events that have occurred in these parts during the first half of this month, this particular trip down memory lane seemed entirely appropriate.

TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2012

Vapor Trails

There was a perceptibly lesser amount of joyous noise around the house last night than there had been for each of the previous three. No mystery as to why. Yesterday morning, after her far-too-quick visit to New Jersey ended, Suz boarded a plane back to Houston. And with her she took at least a bit of the energy that had permeated through these parts while she was here.

I have written in this space before - and I shall again so be prepared - that Margaret is the miracle of my life. She is not simply because upon entering it she saved it. She is also because upon entering it she brought Suz and Rob with her. No man has ever received a greater gift. 

One supposes perhaps that in a perfect world one's children would grow to adulthood and settle within a reasonable proximity of their childhood home - all the better to enjoy things such as Sunday afternoon get-togethers, Yankees games and - of course - Springsteen concerts. But in the world in which we live and toil perfection is more than simply a lofty goal. It is a pipe dream. Our children grow up and go off to make their mark in the world wherever opportunity exists for them to do so. They honor the lessons of their upbringing by carrying them with them in their day-to-day wherever that day-to-day is lived. 

Even if it is not just around the corner. Even if it is a time zone or two away....


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