Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Slow and Steady May Not Always Win The Race...

Under an April sky that felt as if it was channeling its best impression of mid-to-late-June, I ran on Saturday morning in the annual Lake Como 5K.  Happiness is a 5K race that begins and ends (a) within walking distance of my home; (b) at Bar A; and (c) both (a) and (b).  Saturday morning's race was just such an event. 

The gun time was 10:00 am so at or about 9:45 am I kissed the Missus goodbye and walked the couple of blocks to Bar A.  Shortly after I arrived, the runners and walkers were directed outside onto Main Street.  After a couple of brief instructions, away we went.  I am uncertain how many runners competed in this year's edition of our 5K, although I know that exactly thirty-one of them crossed the finish line prior to my arrival.  Thanks to the blissfully low-key (a/k/a "no timing chip") nature of this little race, my clock time placed me across the finish line approximately five seconds longer than it took me to complete the race, representative of the five or so seconds it took to get across the starting line once the gun sounded.  

My sunglasses obscured the smile on my face associated with completion of the appointed task.  Had you been able to see it, you would have no doubt realized that it paled in comparison to the look on my face upon my successful completion of the most important part of the course.  That is, of course, the distance between the finish line and the first outside bar at Bar A, where Tom the Friend, Margaret the Missus, and Mary the Bloody greeted me.  

I looked much happier before 
I finished my Bloody Mary

As my great friend and local running god, Jerry Della Torre, has taught me the most important part of race day is not who crosses the finish line first.  No.  What is important is making it to the bar after the race with all due dispatch.  It turns out that I am far better at the latter than I am at the former.  If you are waiting to hear me express regret over that fact, then might I suggest that you pull up a bar stool and order the adult beverage of your preference.  You may well be here a while. 


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