Thursday, May 4, 2017

She's Still Laughing That Crazy Laugh

You think you've come so far
In this one horse town
Then she's laughing that crazy laugh
'Cause you haven't left the parking lot.
"Slow Turning" 
John Hiatt

I know not whether I need to come to grips with the fact that my enthusiasm for this exercise has started to wax and to wane or rather with the fact that I have been busier than usual for the past month or so in the fun-filled adventure that is the practice of law.  Either way, I have spent more time calibrating the WABAC Machine this past month than I did in the ninety-five that preceded it.  What follows here today originally did so three years ago on this very date.  

It would be better for both of us if you did not ask about this pilgrim's progress these past three years. Truth be told, it would likely have no discernible impact on your mental state.  Me on the other hand...let us simply leave the question unasked. 

Or, if you prefer, we could simply turn to Mr. Hiatt for its answer.

That works for me.  Anyway, without further ado...

SUNDAY, MAY 4, 2014

Running with Skewers

Among the things I enjoy the most about running - notwithstanding the impressive collection of race t-shirts I have accumulated over the course of the past four-plus years - is the sense of peace that envelops me when I run.  It is hard work to be sure.  Especially so when you are as decidedly mediocre at it as am I.  But happiness really is for me the solitude of the road early on a Sunday morning as most of the rest of the residents here 'NTSG are just beginning to stir.  It is nice to have the opportunity to be alone with my thought.  It gives a man a sense of peace.  It also gives me a sense of hope.  Maybe, just maybe, another will appear and I will have a pair.

For better or worse, among the things that has been bouncing around in my oversized cranium for some time now is an idea first planted there by two long-time friends of mine.  A lifetime ago, when I was just a baby lawyer working my first job out of law school the three of us worked together in a law firm where our day-to-day existence was "adventurous".  When any combination of the two of us gets together presently we still laugh thinking about our shared experience back in the day. 

Anyway, for years I have been saying "Oh the stories we could tell" about the things we saw and experienced and my two friends have responded by imploring me to write a book about it.  Talk about your ultimate vanity project.  Luckily for me I have an ego as big as my head.  After years of resistance I finally have succumbed to their peer pressure and started writing.  

Now that I have started it, I am obligated to finish it if for no other reason than I absolutely hate leaving something unfinished.  I hope to do sooner rather than later - perhaps by the end of the summer.  Whether it ever sees the light of day I know not.  I would not hazard a guess as to whether it actually ever should.  Ultimately that decision shall not be mine to make.  I have no plans to give up my day job.  I assure you. 

It makes me laugh as I work on it, and as I think about some of the shenanigans that we endured and the ones about which to write.  Plus, it gives me something to do between work, running and trolling DirectTV in search of reruns of The Big Bang Theory or Law & Order:  Criminal Intent.   Even if no one other than Ollie, Lonnie and Yours truly ever reads it, its purpose will have been served. 

But just in case I started following Brad Pitt on Twitter.  What better way to offer him first crack at a plum role in the film adaptation.

Goddamn alarm clock... 

...Always goes off just as I get to the good part of a dream.


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