Wednesday, May 24, 2017

One of a Million...

First, a shout out to my friend Lisa Ramos for having shared this image on social media yesterday:

I recognize that she shared it in response to the atrocity that occurred in Manchester, England on Monday night but I appropriate it here for an entirely unrelated purpose.  Every picture tells a story. In the case of this picture, more than one.

I do not know Kerry McGrath.  I do not know her big sister, Kathleen.  Truth be told, although I graduated from Wardlaw-Hartridge a lifetime ago, I do not know a single girl on this year's varsity softball team.  I do not know their coach.  I have a similar lack of familiarity with the Highland Park High School girls' softball program.  The only person involved in this story who I know at all is W-H's Athletic Director, Karl Miran, with whom I serve as a member of the school's Athletic Hall of Fame Committee (the "WHAHOFC" as exactly no one refers to it).  

Lauren Knego's piece, which I read on-line yesterday on makes me wish that I knew all of them.  You can read it here and watch the video that accompanies it.  Do yourself the favor of watching video with volume.  You will feel considerably less self-conscious if your eyes start tearing up as you sit in front of your computer if you have the sound of people cheering to keep you company.  

Anyway, that is what people have told me.  Figured I would pay that tip forward.  Just in case you needed it. 


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