Saturday, May 6, 2017

"More Guinness!"

In the interest of full disclosure, although my ancestry is Irish on both sides with WPK, Sr. having been the first one of his tribe to be born in these United States, I have not the faintest idea what constitutes an Irish War Cry.  The title of this piece represents nothing other than my best guess at what one might be.  It was either that or "Fuck You and Your Boiled Potato!

Anyway, my ignorance of his name's origin notwithstanding, this afternoon at Churchill Downs in Kentucky, a Jersey boy named Irish War Cry hopes to become the third Jersey-bred winner of the Kentucky Derby. Quite a well-regarded Jersey fellow named Jerry Izenberg likes his chances and his Jersey-centric backstory, which you can read yourself here

My good friend, Tom Swales, who has forgotten more about horse racing than I shall ever learn if I live to be one thousand (again, a thought that displeases me as much as you I swear), seems to be at least cautiously optimistic about Irish War Cry's chances.  Me? I have no goddamn idea.  I gave up betting horses after I lost a fortune on the Carousel Darby.  Try as he might, my little gray mare never was able to make up that half-length deficit to that big chestnut who was hugging the rail.  

Riders up! 


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