Thursday, May 11, 2017

Love and Logic

Sunday afternoon, I was sitting with Suzanne and Margaret in Suzanne's hospital room, holding my then-one-day-old thief of hearts, and talking to her as I did.  While I was babbling whatever it was I was babbling into Maggie's ear, her mommy looked at us and told her, "Listen to him when he speaks to you.  He's pretty smart."  

I smiled, appreciative of the compliment yet cognizant of the fact that when compared to Maggie's mommy, old Pop Pop is virtually Cro-Magnon Man. 

I was reminded of my daughter's overly kind words, and my immediate reaction to them, on Tuesday night when my beloved New York Rangers ended the 2017 season in the same fashion as they have ended every season, save for 1994, since 1940, which is without winning the Stanley Cup.  It takes a lot of "something" to be a New York Rangers fan.  One half-century into the exercise I have yet to put my finger on exactly what that "something" is.  

That being said, I am fairly confident in stating that whatever the "something" is, it is not brains. There is no intelligent, logical reason for one to give his or her heart to an endeavor that shall break it over and over.  You know how it shall end as it begins and yet you keep on coming back for more. 

Einstein had a word for that condition...



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