Friday, May 12, 2017

Jesus, John Wayne, and Me...

Whoever you've been and whatever you've been, it never leaves you.
I always picture it as a car.  All your selves are in it. 
And a new self gets in, but the old selves can't ever get out. 
The important thing is who's got their hands on the wheel
At any given moment? 
- Bruce Springsteen

Today, May 12, 2017, is Spring Commencement at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  On this very date, twenty-eight years ago, I graduated from CU, along with with several thousand classmates, most of whom I never knew.  

Had Jill not ended up in Boulder, which truthfully happened only because Joe was already in Boulder, I never would have set foot on campus, let alone have graduated from CU.  I have drafted off of Wilma for a half-century now.  She has yet to steer me wrong. 

Almost three decades after I was magically transformed from being an undergrad to a grad, I am fortunate enough to have remained friends with a significant number of the small group of lunatics with whom I was friends way back when.  I was reminded, again, earlier this year of what excellent human beings each of them is.  Same as they ever were, I reckon.  Same as they ever were. 

Earlier this year I turned fifty.  Earlier this week, I became a grandfather.  If on this very date, twenty-eight years ago, you had pulled still-drunk-from-the-night-before Adam aside and offered him odds on him living long enough to see either of those milestones, he would have taken that action.  For all that has changed in the past not-quite-three decades, maybe that is the one constant.  Twenty-eight years ago, I was happy where I was.  

Today, I am as well.  

Slide on over,  I will drive. 


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