Monday, May 22, 2017

In Honor of Obes, Here Come the Meatheads

We have transitioned out of the time of year that I enjoy most of all as a homeowner at the Jersey Shore, the offseason, and into the period that is the Missus's favorite, the summer.  

Although the weather is a wild-card that impacts upon the number of people who shall spend their summer days on the sand or in the water, in my experience it has a negligible impact upon those upon whom the late, great Obes bestowed the sobriquet "Meatheads".  The Memorial Day Weekend is upon us at week's end and with it shall come the 2017 influx of Meatheads, the fun-loving, often boisterous, but always harmless groups of young people who rent homes within walking distance of the beach and then never, ever spend a single moment there.  

As someone who considers his purchase of a home at the Jersey Shore to be the smartest money I have ever spent, while I do not embrace the notion of the Meatheads, I recognize that their return this time of year is as certain as that of our swans to Lake Como.  I also recognize that their time among us merely serves to reinforce my enjoyment of our little Paradise by the Sea from Labor Day through Memorial Day.  

Paradise is still Paradise.  For the next several months, the big fella at the door is merely permitting more people to enter.   And somewhere, high above it all, Obes is no doubt looking down, shaking his head, and laughing.  


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