Saturday, May 27, 2017

Here We Go Again...

Nothing says "Hello Summer!" at the Shore for me quite as much as does the Spring Lake Five Mile Run.  Today is race day.  A small, intimate gathering of approximately 12,500 runners will line up northbound on Ocean Avenue in Spring Lake, at the intersection of Ocean and Sussex Avenues, at 8:30 am to be launched off onto the course.  Some forty-plus minutes later, I hope that my tired bones have completed the journey and crossed the finish line.  

Actually, I have every confidence I shall do so.  I also have every confidence that my friend Jerry shall leave me in his dust as he does every year.  His goal (unstated of course) is to finish at least one Bloody Mary ahead of me.  My goal, also unstated, is to limit the damage to just that one.  

However you spend your Saturday morning, I hope you have as much fun as I shall.  



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