Monday, April 3, 2017

Well, A-Beat the Drum and Hold the Phone...

...the sun is out today.  Is there any finer Monday on the calendar than the one upon whose head rests the "Major League Baseball Opening Day" crown?  It is a Monday so fine that even while he refuses to acknowledge that he likes it, Boomtown Rat Bob Geldof grudgingly admits that he is apathetic about it.  Given his position on Mondays that is clearly a win.   

Irrespective of the team for whom you root, its roster, and its likelihood of playing deep into October, Opening Day is the day on which deficiencies are downplayed, failings are forgiven, and hope?  Hope pantomimes the season and springs eternal.

It is Opening Day.  As the song says, "We're born again!"  

Yes, yes, we are.

And not a moment too soon. 

Play Ball! 


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