Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Views from the Road

Live is no different than the weather. 
Not only is it unpredictable, but it shows us
a new perspective on the world every day.
- Suzy Kassem

Perhaps my single-most favorite thing about weather is its apparent inability to recollect.  Weather conditions, including temperature, wind speed, and precipitation can flip completely on a moment's notice.  Weather is quite a bit like a drunk on a bender. It has a very limited recollection of what it had been doing prior to this particular moment in time, it is no idea what its next move is going to be, and it is likely to produce a moment or three of self-created drama before it runs its course.  

The Missus and I spent the weekend at our little Paradise by the Sea.  As is my custom and practice, I hit the road early enough on Saturday morning and on Sunday morning to get my 5+ mile run completed by 7:00 am.  And while, in some spots, I covered the same terrain on Sunday morning as I had covered on Saturday morning, the difference that one day made in terms of its influence on what was seen was nothing short of remarkable. 

Saturday was a day that dawned under gunmetal gray skies, which threatened rain and which delivered upon that threat on several occasions before nightfall.  Perhaps reflective of my sunny disposition, I sort of dig gray days.  I love the ocean and while I will freely acknowledge it looks perhaps more beautiful on a sun-drenched, blue sky day, it looks substantially more powerful in my estimation on a day that the sun is conspicuous by its absence. 

Just after daybreak - 17th Avenue Beach, Belmar

Lake Como

Spring Lake

Early morning view of the ocean - Spring Lake

Earth Day Plus One dawned so gloriously that it seemed as if the role of Mother Nature was being played by a stand-in  or, at the very least, by someone unfamiliar with the character's darker elements. What had been gray only twenty-four hours earlier was now awash in color.  

Shortly after sunrise - 17th Avenue Beach - Belmar

View from Belmar Boardwalk running north into Avon

Avon-by-the-Sea shortly after the day has dawned

Looking east from the Bradley Beach Boardwalk


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