Wednesday, April 5, 2017

To Not Getting Caught Watching The Paint Dry...

In honor of (a) the NCAA hoops season having ended - for both the men and the women - earlier this week in ways both not wholly unexpected (North Carolina capturing its 6th title on the Men's side) and utterly so (someone other than the U. Conn. Huskies capturing the title on the Women's side); (b) Mom and I having spent Saturday night sitting side-by-side on the couch in her living room watching college hoops (the nightcap of the Final Four between UNC and Oregon) together and taking turns dozing off as the game seemed to run on forever; and (c) a most intriguing (and in my estimation, deserved) Homecoming for a Hoya, a trip back into the WABAC Machine for something that appeared here, on this date, seven years ago...

...and the memory of Hickory running the picket fence to perfection.



At The Door Marked Opportunity

Tonight in Indianapolis the fairy-tale hoopsters from Butler University will try to write the sequel to one of the best sports movies ever made. With real-life hero Bobby Plump (you may know him as Jimmy Chitwood) and thousands of other faithful Bulldog alumni and fans of all ages in attendance, the Bulldogs shall try to complete their very own edition of Mission Impossible. In any other year, the notion that Butler could possibly compete against Coach K and his Duke Blue Devils - against anyone for that matter - for the National Championship would have been dismissed as laughable. This year? The oddsmakers have installed Duke as a touchdown favorite. By this time tomorrow we shall know the answer to that question for certain. Candidly, regardless of what happens tonight an argument can be made that this bunch of Bulldogs has already answered that question affirmatively.

The best parts of life are those that are unscripted. Professional wrestling might be entertaining but - given the already-written conclusions to the story lines before a moment's action has occurred - it is never compelling. Tonight's match up in Indianapolis may prove to be something far more compelling than anything Hollywood ever could have drawn up. Or it may prove to be as much of a mismatch as last year's final proved to be - when North Carolina apparently failed to get the memo that winning the National Championship in Detroit was just what the doctor ordered for homestanding Michigan State and the good folks of Michigan. 

Tonight David gets another shot at Goliath. Throughout the years the Davids that have entered the arena have slung their flat stones at the Goliaths with all of their might - some felling their foe; but not all. Occasionally Goliath smartens up and remembers to wear his helmet into the arena.

For the Butler Bulldogs, this is their moment. Their life is now.


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