Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Very Next Time...

Today is just another day without my family holiday. 
Just dont mean anything. and really ever since my Dad past away 
holidays slowly every year lost their meaning. 
Im sitting here behind a 240 Bravo medium machine gun 
and Im supost to feel the holiday spirit, I think not. 
It hurts to think about how holidays used to be 
and that they used to mean something when I was a kid. 
but Im reminded every day out here that Im not a kid 
and yesterdays not today and never will be.
-Sam Siatta, 

...someone tells you that great journalism is unimportant, after you tell that person (politely or impolitely, your choice) to perform a sexual act on himself once believed to be capable of performance only by a single male inhabitant of Nantucket, respectfully suggest to that person that he or she needs to read this

C.J. Chivers of The New York Times received a Pulitzer Prize earlier this week for his utterly remarkable, exquisitely heartbreaking feature piece on Sam Siatta, which originally appeared in the December 28, 2016 edition of The New York Times Magazine.  If you have not yet read it, then try to set aside the time today to do so.  And perhaps some time tomorrow as well.  It is not a short read.  

But it is time well-spent.  


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