Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Semper Tiger

Courage is Resistance to Fear,
Mastery of Fear,
Not Absence of Fear.
-Mark Twain

I spent this weekend in Jupiter, Florida, catching up with - and checking in with - the Sunshine State branch of the family tree - the indomitable Joanie K., and Wilma, the fiercest, bravest Buff I know (and my all-time fave to boot).  For every moment I spent with them during my all-too-abbreviated visit, the brevity of which was necessitated by a Monday trial date in Judge O'Dwyer's courtroom in the Bergen County Courthouse, I was not simply reminded of each one's courage but inspired by it. 

In case you need a refresher course as to what a bad-ass looks like, allow me to direct your attention to this photograph...

Wilma and Me - 
Jupiter, FL (04/01/17)

...and the smile on my face because I am the one standing in the picture next to her.  

Life is tough.  Be tougher. 

Semper Tiger.  


Now. Always. Forever. 


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