Monday, April 10, 2017

Paging Hoyle

Under the heading of "Things do not always go as planned" feel free to file my participation in the 2017 Rutgers Half Marathon & 8K.  

Yesterday morning, I met my running companera, Gidg, in New Brunswick for this annual rite of April.  She has been nursing a bad hip, which causes her discomfort only every time she takes a step with her right leg, which one anticipates doing only once or twice over the course of a 13.1 mile race. Not feeling good about her chances of running 13.1 miles without further injuring an already injured part of her body, she shared with me her intended plan of dropping down from the Half Marathon to the 8K.  

At the race-day registration booth, the very nice woman with whom Gidg spoke told her that she could switch from the longer race to the shorter race.  The process involved?  It was no process at all.  The woman at the booth simply wrote Gidg's bib number on a piece of paper, after which she wrote the words "switched from Half to 8K".  Inspired by the ease of Gidg's transfer and wanting to run with her - as opposed to running a completely separate event without her - I followed suit.  Thus, instead of lining up at 8:00 AM to run 13.1 miles, we lined up at 8:15 AM to run approximately five miles. 

And run I did.  In spite of the fact that my Garmin GPS watch taped out the course at 5.1 miles, as opposed to the 4.97 miles that an 8K is supposed to cover, I covered the course in 43:07, which worked out to be a pace of 8:40 per mile.  It was a time good enough to place me seventh in my age group, out of thirty-three, and eighty-fifth overall in a field of nine hundred-plus.  

Running is good for my soul and for my soles.  Everyone who runs has a reason for doing so.  I know that on Sunday, I sure had mine. It carried me all the way home. 

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