Thursday, April 6, 2017

In Honor of TDLTWAT

For inquiring minds everywhere, that acronym does not refer to reptilian anchorman Bill O'Reilly's go-to move during his ham-handed attempts at being a workplace Romeo, which move has skived countless women with whom he has come into contact during his years at Fox News and has cost his employer to date more than $13 Million.  Perhaps one day soon it shall.  If some industrious young lad or lass wishes to affix a # to it (I revel in being so old that I remember when that symbol was called by its birth name, "the pound sign") and have some fun, then be my guest.  

Truth be told, it stands for "Too Damn Lazy To Write Anything Thursday".  OK, now that you have been read in on that little secret, does anyone want to guess what day it is? 


In view of the fact that Sunday is the annual Rutgers Half-Marathon, which begins just outside of Rutgers Stadium on the Piscataway side of the Raritan River and end 13.1 miles later just past the College Avenue Gym on the New Brunswick side, today's stop in the WABAC Machine seemed appropriate or - at the very least - no worse than whatever brand-new drivel might have otherwise occupied this space...

...and in case you were wondering, in 2017 I shall bid farewell to the pure unadulterated joy of running marathons.  I shall do so having checked two of my three "bucket list" marathons off of my list.  My final marathon shall be in New York City on Sunday's first November as a member of Team Stomp the Monster.  Two weeks earlier, I shall run through the streets of Washington, D.C. alongside Gidg and Brooke (a/k/a "the Blonde Bomber") in the 2017 Marine Corps Marathon.  Go big or go home, right? 



Sole Shine

Believe that you can run farther or faster.
Believe that you're young enough, old enough, strong enough,
and so on to accomplish everything you want to do. 
Don't let worn-out beliefs stop you from moving beyond yourself.
- John Bingham

2014 shall be the first year since 2010 in which I have not run in a Marathon.  For those keeping score at home, from 1967 through 2010 I did not run in any either.  Full disclosure is important.  I had signed up to run in the '14 edition of the New Jersey Marathon, which shall take place Sundays from this very morning.  However, the deeper I got into prepration for it I realized that while I enjoy running I do not enjoy running in that race.  Rather than continuing to try to finesse a square peg into a round hole  - metaphorically speaking - I simply put the toy away altogether and opted against taking part in it.   It appears therefore that this year's long run for yours truly will be the 18-Mile Long Beach Island Run, which traditionally takes place in October. 

I will get back on the marathon beam in 2015.  I have three such events I would very much like to participate in before I die:  the Boston Marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon and the New York City Marathon.  While all three are on the "bucket list" if I can manage to pull off at least two of them, I will be a happy little fella.

Next Sunday I shall be very close to home and still be able to take part in a half-marathon.  Sunday, April 13 is the annual Half-Marathon at Rutgers University (  I really enjoy this race.   It is well-attended by both participants and spectators.  A considerable number of people turn out across the RU campus to support either their personal favorites or - in my case - their favorite runner they have not yet met.  We shall start on the Piscataway side of the banks of the Old Rar-i-tan right outside Rutgers Stadium, which I know has some half-cocked corporate name that I can never remember, and call it a morning 13.1 miles later on the New Brunswick side of the campus in the immediate vicinity of "The Barn", which is the College Avenue Gym where once upon a lifetime ago RU played its basketball games.  

Given that the final score of the final game that Eddie Jordan's team played this year was 92-31 and his guys had the "31", in another year or two they might move his group's home games back there from the RAC but that is a story for another day.  

I have resisted the temptation of checking out the long-range forecast for these parts.  No sense spending time thinking about those things over which you ultimately have no control.   Rain or shine, simply lace 'em up and get out there.        

But in the off-chance that Mother Nature is perusing this particular site today, shine would be most appreciated....

....and it is damn sure better than rain. 


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