Friday, April 28, 2017

An Elixir for Feeling Uninspired & Mad As Hell

There are people I know, whose opinions on things musical I trust implicitly who are far more well-acquainted with Jason Isbell than I.  Truth be told, other than this particular tune, which I stumbled across quite by accident a week or so ago on WFUV, I cannot name another song in his catalog. So, I do not pretend to know whether this represents the pinnacle of his work, a horrid sell out, or something occupying a comfortable spot somewhere along the continuum.  

I know merely that from the first notes, I was hooked.  It is a piece of music that I really, really dig conveying a message that appeals to me and resonates with me.  Whether you too shall enjoy it is a decision entrusted completely to you and to you alone.  My mind is made up.  Your opinion shall have no impact on it at all.  Whether this piece of music has any impact on you is a question for you to answer...

...might as well start now, right?  


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