Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Reading from the Book of Travis

Passover began last night at sundown, which means that I am a day late in extending wishes to all those celebrating and holiday. If you think being a day late shall stop me from re-telling my favorite (and only) Passover Seder story, which is now thirty-seven years old, then you clearly are a new visitor to this particular virtual postal code...  

FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 2011

Faith Outreach

I am not a religious man.  Nor am I particularly spiritual.  Thus while I am aware of the solemnity of today on the Christian/Catholic calendar, it is not a day that holds any significance for me personally.  It has always intrigued me that here in the State of Concrete Gardens, our Superior Court system is shut down completely from the trial level to the Supreme Court.  It intrigues me because but for Good Friday, there is no apparent reason for today to be a "Legal Holiday" (as so noted on the official schedule of legal holidays and court recesses for the 2010-2011 court year, which scheduled Chief Justice Rabner released back in October, 2009).  

The Firm is open today although apparently a number of my co-workers - both attorneys and staff - are taking the day off.  While I know less and care less about organized religion than most people I know, as a casual observer of such proceedings I must confess that Good Friday never struck me as a celebratory day.  Unless you were Barabbas I suppose. 

No harm in folks taking the day, whether they spend it being fitted for their own personal hair shirt or in some other equally noble pursuit.  I heard someone comment the other day on the radio that Easter is "late" this year.  I would not pretend to know how one determines that and/or if it is even an accurate statement.  I was contemplating throwing in a line about "being late" is an occupational hazard as a holiday when one utilizes a rabbit as one's symbol (rabbits being exceptionally well skilled at multiplication and "being late" having some pregnancy-related connotations) but I opted against it.  Happy I did too.  No one wants to have to drive home from work dodging lightning bolts.  

My super cool Forever Buffs wall calendar (courtesy of the CU-Boulder Alumni Association) informed me that this weekend is not only Easter weekend but Passover weekend as well, given that Passover started at sundown on the 18th and will continue into the early part of next week.  The calendar does not tell me - and huge surprise I know but I have absolutely no idea - whether the confluence of Passover and Easter is one that happens frequently, infrequently or with "Tonight is the Night I Stop and buy a Power Ball Ticket" rarity.  I do remember - as a 7th grader - celebrating a Seder with my friend Mike Koplowitz and his family at which their afghan hound puppy Travis bounded into the dining room and took the seat at the table that had been left vacant in anticipation of Elijah's arrival.  Thirty-plus years later and I can still hear the pitch-perfect, absolutely deadpan delivery of Mike's grandfather, upon looking up and seeing Travis in Elijah's seat, "The Lord certainly works in mysterious ways."  A line for the ages if ever I have heard one. I hope that Mike and his family have enjoyed and shall continue to enjoy a safe and Happy Passover this year. 

While it is not my bag and I have every confidence that at some point prior to my bones being incinerated and reduced to ash, which I hope does not occur until after I am dead, my soul will be cast out into the great black nothingness as opposed to going either to a place where the Gates are Pearly or a place where SPF-1000 is not going to come close to covering it, I respect the fact that many people practice a faith.  I also respect the fact that those folks - including among their number too many to count who I love very much - celebrate their faith this weekend.  I hope that all of them and all of theirs enjoy a safe and happy holiday , whether it is Easter, Passover or something altogether different that they celebrate. 

Because wanting to believe that out there somewhere is someone to hear your prayers is not a bad thing......even if it is not necessarily mine.

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