Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Public Service Announcement On Behalf Of The One For Whom We All Work

If you have stumbled out of bed early on this Saturday morning, with the taste of that last call Jager Bomb still firmly etched upon your tongue, desperate to make it to the Post Office before it closes so that the IRS sees the "April 15, 2017" postmark on your income taxes, then forgive me for seeming unkind when I say, using the words of the great American philosopher, Bugs Bunny, that you might just be a maroon, an ignoranimus, or a real tararagundeay.  

Pull off the pants into which you just jammed both legs simultaneously, toss off the baseball cap (a/k/a "the bed head protector"), gulp down three or four Advil, and crawl back beneath the covers. The Tax Man shall come for you as he shall for all of us - with the apparent exception of Mr. Trump.  But he shall not come today.  This year, in fact, he shall not come until Tuesday, April 18.   

Feel better?  Good.  Happy to have been of service. 

Mr. Harrison, if you please...


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