Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Day to Drop the Needle and Pray...

Happy Double Whammy Day! 

Today is Record Store Day AND Earth Day. A day so cool on so many levels that it almost makes up for Hallmark's countless blights upon our calendar.  Almost.  

Prior to the ascendancy of the ignorant fuck from Oklahoma, Scott Pruitt, to the throne of the Environmental Protection Agency, I had fairly confidently marked each of these events on my 2018 calendar.  Now, I find myself hoping that thanks to Pruitt's stewardship we do not find ourselves next year at this time observing "Remember the Earth" Day.  Fifteen years ago, I would have laid odds that the BBM ("Big Blue Marble") would be around long after the LP was just a memory. Now, not so much. 

If wherever you are today happens to be somewhere in the vicinity of one of the great independent record stores participating in Record Store Day - and if you are not sure than consult this handy and helpful list - and your store of choice happens to be located somewhere here on Earth, then remove the only stone you shall need from your pocket and pick out the two birds you intend to simultaneously plunk with it.  In the spirit of the day, kill them metaphorically and not literally. 

Now, get the hell out of here.  You have records to buy and dirt in which to dig...


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