Saturday, March 25, 2017

"X" and the Marking of the Spot

If you are participating in a March Madness Pool this year, as I am, and pinned your hopes for "One Shining Moment" on the Arizona Wildcats, then the free time you spend this weekend and next reading is something for which you can thank Chris Mack and his gritty, gutsy Xavier Musketeers.  It might take a little while for your disappointment to morph into appreciation.  If it helps, read this piece from Friday's USA Today entitled, "7 Reasons Bill Murray Is Having The Best Sports Year Ever".  It helped me.  Oh, irrespective of your political persuasion, watch the PSA video featuring Murray - in his Cubs jacket - engaged in a putting contest with President Obama in the Oval Office.  It is not only funny, but in light of this week's events in Washington it is timely too. 

While you have your reading glasses on and are all snuggled, seated in your favorite, most comfortable chair, there are other pieces that merit your attention.  For instance, the sad tale of the "Trump Troubadour", Kraig Moss, who has come to the realization that maybe, just maybe, not everything is at it appears.  

For quasi-comic relief, Energy Secretary Rick Perry weighed in this week, via an Op-Ed column in the Houston Chronicle, on the outcome of the Student Government Election at Texas A&M, of which Perry is an alumni and at which he was elected Yell Leader twice, not just once!  Perhaps your initial reaction was similar to mine:  Perry, a man whose intellect is questionable enough that you would think twice before permitting him to adjust the knobs on your car radio but who, nevertheless, is tasked with the responsibility of preserving America's nuclear secrets, has attained a level of aptitude at his new job where he can devote a portion of his energy (pun intended) to expressing outrage at an election in which the loser garnered more votes than the winner.   

Far less humorous, but important to read nonetheless, is the rather detailed piece written by Erin McPike of the Independent Journal Review about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.  Ms. McPike was the only reporter permitted to accompany Secretary Tillerson on his State Department 737 jet when he flew to China earlier this month.  I knew nothing about Mr. Tillerson prior to his transition from the private sector to government service.  He has not spoken much publicly in the first couple of months of the Trump Presidency, which makes the amount of time he spent with Ms. McPike and her report of their conversation worth the investment of time required to digest it.  

Irrespective of however much free time I carve out for myself this weekend - or next - I know one thing I shall not read...

To borrow a phrase from the Poet Laureate of Freehold, "I've seen enough.  Don't wanna see no more." 


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