Thursday, March 16, 2017

Tickets In Hand & Suitcases Packed

Through the magic of social media, at some point early yesterday afternoon I learned that my nephew, Patrick (Sigrid and Bill's son), and his girlfriend, Jena, had become engaged.  Exhibiting a flair for the dramatic that has sadly eluded his favorite uncle named Adam (ours is an exclusive, proud fraternity) for a half-century, his marriage proposal came on the occasion of their celebration of Jena's birthday.  That is "other side of the pillow" smooth.    

As presumably you have already figured out, Jena said "Yes".  I know not any particulars (date, location, DJ/Band, mashed potato bar or two mashed potato bars) except for the most important one, which is this.  Having reached the part of the ride where one needs a good companion most of all, each has chosen the other.  No choice they made before this one nor any they make after it, carries this one's significance.    

My wish for them is that irrespective of wherever it is they shall make their home, may each always keep at least one foot firmly planted within the geographical boundaries of the land of hope and dreams...

...all aboard. 

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