Monday, March 13, 2017

The Exceptions to Mr. Durocher's Rule

It is a principle in the law that every positive law
has an "excepting clause".  And I thought, shoot,
if I look up "excepting clause" in the dictionary
I am going to find these kids' faces.
- Cardinal Joseph Tobin

This weekend, one month after having their season terminated and then resuscitated through divine intervention (courtesy of Cardinal Joseph Tobin), the 5th grade CYO basketball team from St. John's School in Clark, New Jersey captured their league's championship.  

The eleven-member squad, which is comprised of two girls and nine boys, had unanimously voted to forfeit their season when the adults who run the CYO League ruled in early February that the girls (who had played on the team with their male classmates from 1st through 4th grade - at which ages the CYO League apparently permits co-ed teams) had to be removed from the team, which competes in the CYO's boys division.  But for Cardinal Tobin's intercession, their season would have ended in early February.

Instead, on Saturday, in the Championship Game, St. John's defeated Our Lady of Peace 40-23. Each of the children on the team received a "Union County CYO Champion" t-shirt and a trophy. Methinks that long after the shirts have been outgrown and the trophies have been reduced to dust collectors in cardboard boxes, each of these children shall long remember this season.  The games played.  The lessons learned.

And the lessons they taught to all of us.   


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