Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Teddy Roosevelt Was Right...

...when he spoke of the virtue of walking softly and carrying a big stick.  It is our actions, after all, which define us.  Do not talk me to death.  Talk was proven long ago to be the cheapest of currency.  The more the world changes, the more the world remains inviolate.  

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a long-time, close friend of mine in which I was reminded again of Roosevelt's wisdom. Not because of something she did.  Rather, because of something that was brought to bear upon her.  It angered me greatly.  Truth of the matter is, I woke up this morning still pretty goddamn pissed off about it.  

People treat each other shabbily all the time.  The more advanced we have become in terms of our technology, the more savage we have become in terms of our humanity.  When one is an asshole, Your truly being a prime example, and the end of the stick you attempt to jab into my eye is covered in excrement, it does not make me happy but I certainly understand it.  But when the person who is on the receiving end of your Dookie Dog is a good person, then your conduct is beyond my ability to comprehend.  

It is worth pointing out that my immediate lack of understanding regarding your blatant fuckery shall not temper my enthusiasm for balancing the scales of justice. Irish Alzheimer's Disease is, after all, the ability to forget everything except the grudges. 

As my great, great-grandpa Phineas was fond of saying, "Revenge is a dish best served over and over and over."  You need not bother turning the index card over to its back side, presently our kitchen is preparing a very limited menu.  

One dish. 

Are you feeling lucky enough to venture a guess as to what it is...

Bon appetit! 

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