Thursday, March 2, 2017

One Final Hoped-For Trip to the Well

Those of us who entered the lottery for the 2017 New York City Marathon at some point between January 17 and February 17 shall learn today our lottery fate.  I had the pleasure of running the New York City Marathon for the first time, alone, in 2015.  Last year, I had the time of my life serving as the wing man/route guide for Gidg and Stella as each completed her first trip through New York City's five boroughs.  I turned fifty last month and hope to celebrate a half-century on the planet by taking one final crack as this great race. 

Two years ago, I was lucky enough to be among those runners who won the NYRR's Marathon lottery.  Somewhere, I think I still have the e-mail.

I know that I shall never forget the best part of my first New York City Marathon (as captured by the photographic wizardry of Mr. Jeff Grubb.)

In 2016, fortune did not shine upon me in the lottery.  My running companera, Gidg, was similarly unfortunate.  Stella, however, held one of the NYRR's "golden tickets", which guaranteed her a spot in the field.  Gidg and I acquainted ourselves with a kick-ass, Jersey-born-and-based non-profit organization, Stomp the Monster, which raises money and provides assistance to cancer patients and to their families, and ran New York City as part of Team STM.  

2016, in no small part due to the fact that I was running for a great cause and running with my sister and with my good friend, was an experience that completely blew away 2015 from beginning...

If I am fortunate enough to secure a spot in this year's lottery, then on November's first Sunday I shall undertake my third and final journey through the five boroughs of New York City.  If fortune does not smile upon me, then in all likelihood my NYC Marathon career is over.  A runner's participation on a charity's fundraising team places a lot of stress on that individual's friends and family to provide financial support to the runner in order to help him or her meet fulfill whatever the fundraising obligation might be.  Last year, it was the generosity of upwards of forty-five different individuals and families that allowed me to not simply meet - but exceed by several hundred dollars - my fundraising obligation.  It shall not be imposed upon again this year. 

A decision with which I am totally comfortable. 


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